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SAFCO Foam insulation is the premier insulation services company serving Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Insulating your home is so important – especially when we all want to be as comfortable as possible while we are saving money and energy. Reinsulating an existing home adds to the insulation efficiency and seals any air leaks in the home’s envelope. Think about what you will save by insulating your home. For example:

  • 60 percent of air leaks are in the attic
  • 25 percent of air leaks are due to an uninsulated basement
  • By adding insulation, you will eliminate any moisture problems that you are having
  • Adding insulation is the number one way to save money on your energy bill
  • Adding insulation is much more cost effective than replacing windows
  • With more and more spray foam insulation being installed, it is more cost effective than ever before
Insulation Types