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SAFCO Foam Insulation, founded in 2003 in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, was the first company in the area to specialize in spray foam. The company has grown to be one of the largest and most respected spray foam insulation companies in the state. Unlike many insulation companies that provide all types of insulation and services, SAFCO focuses on spray foam insulation because of its superior efficiency and high performance.

SAFCO Foam insulation is owned and operated locally by Stuart Fearn. Stuart is a mechanical engineer by trade, with a degree from the University of Hartford, and is committed to doing what it takes to get the job done right and on time. His philosophy is to give the customer exactly what you say you are going to give to them.  SAFCO delivers what they say they will and this simple formula has proven to make thousands of satisfied customers into friends and the best sales force anyone can ask for.

When Stuart left his job at TI One Automotive in 2003, he decided it was time that he started his own business. He really loved his job as a project engineer; he worked on the fuel systems for the C6 Corvette redesign and the new Hyundai Sante Fe. But the company was moving from Connecticut to Alabama and moving to Alabama wasn’t an option for him at that time. He investigated several business opportunities, but eliminated them. Then he discovered spray foam insulation. He researched the industry and the product for four months. He talked to contractors in other parts of the country as well as dealers and people who had spray foam insulation installed. He found spray foam was truly a dependable, super efficient, quality building material of the future.  Now, spray foam is becoming the norm, taking market share from traditional insulation year over year.

Stuart’s background also includes eleven years at Pratt Whitney designing jet engines. He brings his mechanical engineering background, attention to detail, and business experience to his business. While SAFCO is a local company, it can handle any sized project, from a small addition to a very large corporate or institutional building.

Being locally managed has its advantages. SAFCO provides personal consultation and customer service and can be much more flexible and accommodating than big, national installation companies. They take the time to consult with their customers and work by their schedules.

When Stuart started SAFCO, he became an Icenyne® dealer, because they invented spray foam in 1985 and are the best. Icenyne’s motto is that their insulation is the healthiest, quietest, and most efficient.

He thought that he would be spraying only closed cell insulation, which is the highest performing type, but is also the most expensive. He soon realized that not every installation needs this. He recommends the most cost-effective approach for each project. If you need higher performance, have limited space, or have a high vapor drive, the project requires closed cell foam.

Open cell insulation is more than enough for many projects. If you need great performance, and have sufficient room and no special circumstances, then he would recommend open cell insulation. Stuart enjoys educating his customers and will do everything he can to put them in the best position to make an informed decision about insulation options.

Stuart installs a quality product and does not take any shortcuts. He wants to be a resource to his customers and wants them to choose the company and the insulation option that makes them the most comfortable.

“We are very pleased with your product and people who did the job. They were friendly and professional.”

– Mark Slessler

Contact the SAFCO team and let our foam insulation specialists show you how we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

SAFCO Foam Insulation

At SAFCO Foam Insulation, we take your project as serious as you do. We walk you through the process step by step to ensure we help you properly insulate your  residence or commercial building to efficiently solve your problems. We then execute the work exactly as we said we would and make sure you are thoroughly satisfied with the results. We will work directly with you or your general contractor to make your space energy efficient and healthy!

We solve  energy-efficiency problems for our customers and help them avoid  many more that they have not considered. We provide air-tight, high-performance, proven spray foam insulation any place that insulation is required to make your home or building quiet, healthy, energy-efficient,  and comfortable for years to come Any project, from a small house addition to commercial high-rise buildings, is within our capabilities and experience. Also, we pride ourselves on providing insulation solutions for specialty projects, such as refrigerated buildings; walk-in coolers and freezers; indoor pool houses; and super-efficient enclosures.